ZSA produced Waspaloy-UNS N07001-AMS5709 12 point head Aero lock nut

WASPALOY is a nickel based age hardenable alloy that possesses high temperature strength while still having a good corrosion resistance, especially to oxidation. WASPALOY can be used at temperatures up to 650°C (1200°F) which is critical rotating applications. WASPALOY is used in gas turbine engine components, missile systems, shafts, spacers, seals, rings, casings, fasteners and many other uses in engine hardware, airframe assemblies.

A typical heat treatment is a solution heat teat at 1825°F for 2 hours, air cool. Stabilize heat treat at 1550°F for 4 hours, air cool.
Precipitation heat treat at 1400°F for 16 hours, air cool.

Other characteristics of Waspaloy include good corrosion resistance, as well as being relatively impervious to oxidation making it well suited for service in extreme environments such as gas turbine blades, seals, rings, shafts, and turbine disks.

Chemical Composition Limits
Weight % Cr B Zr Al Ti Mo Co Cu Fe S Si Mn C P Ni
Waspaloy 18-21 0.003-00.1 0.02-0.12 1.2-1.6 2.75-3.25 3.5-5.0 12-15 0.50 max 2 max 0.030 max 0.75 max 1 max 0.02-0.10 max 0.030 max Bal

Post time: 04-17-2024
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