254SMO Bolt

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- Material: 254SMO stainless steel (also known as UNS S31254 or 1.4547 stainless steel)
- Diameter: usually in the range of M6 to M36, other sizes can also be customized upon request.
- Length: Customized as needed, various lengths available.
- Thread type: usually metric thread, such as Coarse Thread or Fine Thread.
- Surface treatment: You can choose smooth, nickel-plated, polished and other surface treatments to improve corrosion resistance or aesthetics.

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254SMO stainless steel bolts are a high-alloy stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, especially in chlorine-containing media. Its chemical composition contains about 20% chromium, about 18% nickel, about 6% molybdenum, and small amounts of nitrogen and copper. This alloy has extremely high resistance to chloride ion corrosion and is therefore widely used in marine engineering, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and other fields.

254SMO bolts are usually used in environments that require high corrosion resistance and strength, such as seawater treatment equipment, salt water environments, chemical equipment, etc. They resist corrosive media, provide reliable connections, and maintain long-term stability.


- Excellent corrosion resistance: Excellent resistance to corrosive media such as chloride ions, sulfuric acid, and fluoride.
- High Strength: Provides reliable connections and is able to work under high temperatures and pressures.
- Oxidation resistance: It can still maintain stability in high temperature environments.
- Good processability: Suitable for various manufacturing processes and easy to process into bolts of various specifications and shapes.

The use of 254SMO bolts can improve the corrosion resistance and reliability of the equipment, but when selecting and using it, you should ensure that the appropriate specifications and performance levels are selected based on the specific application requirements and environmental conditions.

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